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Bible Study
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

It may be surprising that scripture identifies at least 30 gifts of the Holy Spirit! The lessons here will help you identify, understand, and apply these gifts.

Each lesson of the Bible study asks you to read passages from the Bible and from the resource material, then answer questions about the gift being studied. As a daily study, each lesson would take about a week. You needn't feel you must finish a lesson in a week, but regularity in Scripture study, even once a week, pays off.  See below for the resources used in the study.  

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Suggested answers for lessons  are available linked from the end of the lessons.  Answer the questions yourself before looking at the suggested answers.

I. Introduction: The Holy Spirit and His gifts

II. The Isaiah Gifts
Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Strength, Knowledge, Fear of the Lord

III. Miscellaneous Gifts.
Redemptive Suffering (martydom), Celibacy, Poverty, Intercession, Hospitality

IV. Ministry Gifts - Part I
Ministry, Exhortation, Giving, Leadership, Mercy

V. Ministry Gifts - Part II
Helpers, Apostles, Administrators, Pastor-teachers

VI. Word Gifts - Part I
Teaching, Evangelists, Word of wisdom, Word of knowledge,

VII. Word Gifts - Part II
Tongues, Interpretation of tongues, Prophecy

VIII. Power Gifts - Part I
Faith, Miracles, Discernment of spirits

IX. Power Gifts - Part II
Deliverance, Healing

X. Conclusion



A Bible of course! We presume you have a Bible. The New International version is a good clear readable translation. The New American Bible is the current standard Catholic version and also readable. However, at least some of its book introductions are modernist influenced.  The Revised Standard Version is good   - there are Catholic editions which include the books Protestant versions usually leave out.  Paraphrases or simplied versions (e.g. the Living Bible, Todays English Version) are not as good for study as true translations.

Seek the Gifts of the Spirit booklet (abrv SG) - a one page commentary on each of the gifts from Presentation Ministries. Click on the reference to pop up a window with the page for the gift you're studying. After reading the page, click on the X to close the window. A printed copy of the booklet is available for a donation from Presentation Ministries, 3230 McHenry, Cincinnati, OH, 45211.  The Presentation Ministries web page has a lot of other good materials also.

Catechism of the Catholic Church (abrv Catechism) -  Catholics as well as Protestants will probably be surprised at how much good teaching on the gifts of the Holy Spirit is contained in the Catechism. Click on the section reference to pop up a window with the section in it. After reading the section, click on the X to close the window.

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Some good Bible studies on books of the Bible are available from Catholic Exchange.

Questions to think about during the study & consider at the end:

1. How are spiritual gifts different from talents or natural gifts we have?

2. What gifts do we see or not see active in our present day churches?

3. Why do we not see all of the gifts of the Spirit active in our churches?

4. What keeps us from accepting gifts of the Holy spirit?

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