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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit in Scripture - Lesson IX

Power Gifts Part II - Deliverance, Healing


SG  Deliverance
Catechism 434,  550,  1673,  2852

Mt 10:1,17:17-21, Mk 1:23-28, Lk8:21-39, Mk 6:12-13, Mk 7:24-30, Lk 10:17-20, Lk 11:14-26, Ac 5:15-16, Ac 16:16-18

1. Can a Christian be possessed by a demon? Have a demon from which he or she needs deliverance? In what other ways might a Christian need to fight demons?

2. What is the source of our deliverance from evil spirits?

3. What is the difference between a major exorcism and other forms of deliverance?

Mk 16:15-18, Ac 19:11-16

4. What does it mean to cast out demons "in Jesus's name"?

5. How can sacramentals help in our battle against demons?


Healing Part 1

SG Healing
Catechism 739,  798,  1695,  1999

Ex15:26, Mt 10:1,7-9, Mt 15:29-31, Mk 1:29-34, Mk 7:31-35,
Mk 16:15-18, Lk 5:17-26, Lk 13:10-13, 1Pet 2:24, Ac 4:29-31,
Ac 14:8-10, Ac 28:7-9

Catechism 1504
Mt 20:29-34, Mk 6:12-13, Mk 8:22-26, Jn 9:1-7, Ac 19:11-12

6. In scripture, what are different means used to bring about healing? What do many of them have in common?


Catechism 1503
Mt 14:13-14, Mt 20:29-34, Jn 4:46-54, Ac 3:1-10,16, Ac 9:32-35

7. What is the purpose (or purposes) of supernatural healing?

8. Describe a supernatural healing you experienced or know of. What elements from scripture were present in it?

Catechism 1509-10, 1511-12, 1513-14, 1515-16
James 5:13-16

9. Can only priests pray for someone's healing? What is the differance between the sacrament of Anointing the Sick and other prayers for the sick?

Catechism 1508
1Cor 12:9
SG:"I find that at least one-third of Christians has an exceptional gift of healing"

10. How could we tell if we have a gift of healing? What prevents Christians from exercising the gift of healing?


Healing Part 2

Lk8:43-48, Mk 6:55-56

11. How can we touch Jesus?


Catechism  1509

12. Have you ever participated in a healing Mass? What is the differnce between a healing Mass and other Masses?


Catechism 1505, 1508, 2616
Jn 5:1-9, Mt 4:23-24, Mt 8:14-17, Mt 21:14, Ac 5:14-16

13. What about the others paralyzed at the pool? Does Jesus always heal those who pray for healing (or for whom we pray)? Why or why not?

Catechism 448
Mk 10:46-52, Lk 7:1-10

14. Why are not more people healed supernaturally today?

15. What other types of healing may we be in need of besides physical healing?


Catechism 1421, 1448, 1484

16. Why is the sacrament of Penance referred to as a healing sacrament?

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