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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Suggestions for group Bible Study

How many people does it take to have a Bible study group? Ideally 5 or 6 so that there will enough sharing on each question since not everyone will want to share on each one. However, "where two or three are gathered" – three committed members who are willing to share can be a good group. More than a dozen makes it difficult for everyone to share as much as they want to. If more than that are wanting to join, see if you can form two groups.

Can I lead a Bible study?
   Are you a faithful Christian?
   Are you a good listener?
   Are you tolerant of others’ opinions?
   Are you convinced of the benefits of Bible study?
   Can you pray vocally in a group?
   Do you know that the Holy Spirit will help you?

   If yes, then you can lead a Bible study

Before starting:
Get enough copies of the Seek the Gifts of the Spirit booklet from Presentation Ministries, 3230 McHenry, Cincinnati, OH, 45211, ahead of time. Send an email to with details of your plans to receive permission to duplicate the questions.

Publicizing the Bible study

   Announcements from the pulpit and encouragement of participation by the pastor if possible.
   Announcements in the church bulletin.
   Flyers posted on the church bulletin boards.
   Personal invitations to potential participants are especially effective.

Prepare each week’s lesson yourself before looking at the suggested answers. Use the suggested answers to add to your answers as needed. Don’t let the participants expect that the suggested answers give the "right" answer for which they should wait.

Possible format:

Opening prayer – by facilitator or someone else who is comfortable with praying aloud (many people like to be asked a week ahead rather than at the time).

Opening song - good if song books are available and someone is comfortable with starting it.

Sharing of answers to questions – facilitator reads each question in turn and encourages people to share their answers to each question without putting anyone on the spot or insisting that everyone has to share. Also avoid saying that an answer is wrong even if it seems somewhat off – just encourage or provide alternate views, particularly from authoritative sources.

Shared prayer – a time when participants can pray in praise, thanksgiving, or petition. Some participants may not be used to praying in this way but will be more comfortable with it in a few weeks.

Business – pass out questions and other material for next time, get volunteers for opening prayer & refreshments for next time, etc.

Fellowship – if convenient, refreshments along with friendly conversation.

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