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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit in Scripture - Lesson VIII

Power Gifts Part I
Faith, Miracles, Discernment of spirits


Jn14:12-14, Heb 2:3-4, Jn 16:23-24 15:7, James 1:6-8

1. What did Jesus do that He promises that we can do also?

2. What does it mean to ask in Jesus' name?

3. What can we ask for in Jesus' name?

4. What are barriers to our receiving what we ask for?

Ac 1:8, 4:33

5. Was it only the power of their words by which the apostles gave their testimony? What else?


SG Faith,  
Catechism 146, 161

1Cor 12:9, Mk 11:22-24, Lk 17:5-6, Mt 21:18-22, Mt 13:58, Mt 17:17-21

6. How is the faith spoken of in these passages different from the faith spoken of in Romans (e.g.5:1-2) and Heb 11:1-6, 1Pet 1:6-9

Catechism 1254, 158274

7. How can our faith grow?

Catechism 548,   2610-11, 2616,2621

8. Jesus said, "Whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith." What if we ask for a million dollars?

Mt 14:25-31

9. What lesson(s) about faith can we learn from Peter's experience?


SG Miracles,  

Catechism 156, 434, 515, 548, 2003

1Kings18:30-39, Jn14:11-14, James 5:17-18, Mt 8:23-27, Mt 14:14- 21, Mk 4:35-40, Mk 6:4-6, Mk 6:35-44, Jn 2:1-11, Ac 14:1-7, Ac 19:11-12, Gal 3:1-5, Heb 2:3-4

10. What is a miracle?

11. What is the purpose (or purposes) of miracles?

12. What modern-day miracles do you know of or have you experienced?

13. To what extent is unbelief a barrier to miracles today? What else prevents us from experiencing miracles?


Discernment of spirits

SG Discernment  of spirits

Catechism 391, 414, 671, 2690, 2820, 2863

1Cor 12:10-11, Mt 24:23-26, Ac 16:6-8,16-18, 1Jn 4:1-3, Rev 12:9

14. What kinds of spirits are there?

15. Where did evil spirits come from?

16. What is discernment of spirits?

17. How can there be a "spirit events, trends, and TV programs"?

18. Why is discernment of spirits important?


Suggested answers.
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