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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit in Scripture - Lesson II

The Isaiah Gifts

Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Knowledge, Strength, Fear of the Lord

Is 11:1-9, Pr 2:1-11, Pr 8:12-14,16:16, Col 1:9-14, 2:2-3

Catechism 712, 1299, 1303 1831 1845

1. (a) To whom does the list in Isaiah apply?

    (b) How can it apply to us also?

Wisdom & Understanding

James 1:5-7,3:13-17, 1 Cor 1:17-25, Rm 11:33-36, Wis 9:4-6,10,17,

SG wisdom   understanding

2. What are some examples of the wisdom of the world that contrasts with the wisdom of God?

3. How can we acquire understanding?


Is 9:6, Jn 14:15-17,

SG counsel

4. (a) What experience do you have of a group seeking counsel in its decision making?

(b) How can a group do so?


1Cor 8:1-3

SG  knowledge

5. (a) "Knowledge puffs up". How can knowledge puff up?

(b) How can we avoid being puffed up by knowledge?

6. How would you distinguish among wisdom, understanding, counsel, and knowledge as used in Isaiah?



SG strength

7. (a) Strength in the Isaiah list is sometimes translated fortitude. What difference, if any, is there in the connotation of these two terms?

(b) "When I am weak, then I am strong" sounds contradictory. How can it be true for us?

Fear of the Lord

Sir 1:9-12, Heb 10:31

SG fear of the Lord

8. (a) How do you feel about the term "fear of the Lord"?

(b) What are some synonyms for fear?

(c) Would you feel more comfortable with any of these?

Suggested answers.
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